Donnie Stevens

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Born AND raised in Bassett, Virginia, (the foothills of the Appalachian, Donnie likes to boast), he has spent the last forty years working and living in Danville, Virginia. Recently selling his food service distribution company he helped found in 1990, Donnie now resides between Danville and his home at Smith Mountain Lake.

His first novel, Old Man Missing was written and published in 2009. This story setting in Floyd County, Virginia, garnered a lot of interest from readers asking him to not only write a sequel to it, but for him to write more. He honored their request with two more published novels and more on the way. He’s quick to tell folks that, “Every story has a life, and every life has a story.” Donnie tends to write inspirational or stories with a romantic plot, with most leaning toward subjects and places of interest to him.

Now days Donnie finds himself doing more of what he loves. Writing a few thousand words every day to his next novel or spending time with friends and family, especially his three grand girls and their Boxer, Vito. When not writing, you can usually find Donnie out helping with a nonprofit or community group, or an individual needing a helping hand.

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