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The Lost Letter

At fifty-three years of age, Trudy Quinn is trying to convince herself that her twenty-four year marriage is worth saving. While balancing her second career as president of a non-profit organization, she’s busy preparing for her estranged husband’s return home from Iraq while planning an engagement announcement for her daughter. All seems to be coming together until a lost letter shows up, mailed thirty-five years before, in 1975. After reading it, she concludes that if she had received that letter on time, it would have changed her life. Little does she realize that receiving that letter, reading the contents, and her subsequent decisions would send her on a collision course with her past that will change her life.

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Inn In Abingdon

Spencer Aubreys finds more than inspiration while visiting this most famous inn in Abingdon, Virginia. Separated from the love of his life, and then losing his career job, he desperately seeks a way to put his life back in order as he attempts to write his second novel.

Captivated by a young girl, (Katherine Broadwater), Spencer believes her to be an actress from the local theater since she is dressed in clothing indicative of the 1860’s, her southern dialect and a story she weaves about herself and a boy named Sam. Her story details events that took place during the Civil War when the inn was used as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

Doubt and confrontation challenge Spencer as he tries to convince everyone that the illusive Katherine does exist, while seeking to learn the outcome of the passionate love story she shares.

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